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  • The Riverside Penthouse draw will close on the 27th June 2021. Follow our social media pages to keep up to date with all our winning ticket numbers!

  • Sterling Lotteries, who are an External Lottery Manager (ELM) registered with the Gambling Commission with over 30 years’ experience in running lotteries and raffles, and other charitable gaming and prize-led fundraising activities on behalf of charities, good causes, and organisations within the UK. Sterling Lotteries host our payments.

  • No, we will cover stamp duty of up to £35,000.00 for the lucky winner.

  • No, we cover all reasonable legal fees for the lucky winner up to £3000.00.

  • Yes! Your furnishings may vary slightly as we cant guarantee that every vase or plant seen in our pictures/videos will be there for the winner... but yes, the fixtures and fittings are all part of the prize! Showroom style!

  • Yes! The pool and the gym are communal and located in the basement along with your parking space. We have fully paid your service and ground charges for one whole year, so you do not need to worry. Head to our homepage for the gallery.

  • We choose different worthy causes to support throughout our competitions! Follow us on our social media platforms to see what donations we have made, and what causes we are helping in the future.

  • Please check your spam, junk folders. We have been asked this question many times, and the email always appeared in the spam. Remember to log into your account and go to your personal profile to view your ticket numbers!

  • 1. Answer the question correctly 2. Pick your tickets 3. Pay at checkout 4. Log in to view your personalised dashboard, here you can find your ticket numbers 5. Refer & Win £2000 by sharing your unique URL with friends and family 6. Like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and watch out for the winning ticket numbers!

  • Mr Mania, from Orpington Kent! Follow us on Instagram to view videos from our winners and watch our draws! Keep your tickets close, incase it is you. A link to our Facebook and Instagram can be found in the follow us section on our home page.


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